A match made in heaven.

    And we, apparently, are not the first to think so. With the recent wave of legalization spreading roots across the globe, the science of the Cannabis renascence has brought with it a major cultural shift in how we view, and now, prescribe, wellness. The beauty industry, as well, is undergoing major transformation as it seeks to become more sustainable, and meet the changing demands of the ever -growing conscious consumer. 

    About Us

    Founded in 2021 by a team of industry experts tired of the lack of accessible education, standards and resources for spa professionals, the Cannabis Spa Association is an exclusive community for spa professionals,  business owners, and those curious to learn more about Cannabis & hemp science, safe products, experiences & emerging insights from leading industry experts.

    Our Mission

    Our main mission is to be the #1 trusted Cannabis resource for the spa industry. 

    Through authentic and pure representation of the member community we serve, we are always striving to provide meaningful products and services of the highest quality that uphold the best practices. 

    Our Vision

    The “Cannabis Spa Community” is nothing new or something we claim to have originated. We desire to create a safe space for you, the planet’s oldest and largest culture – the Cannabis community- a body of healers, therapists, practitioners and professionals who have long been fighting for the freedom and liberation of this most precious gift and resource.

    It is our aim to become the haven for all spa (wellness & beauty) professionals who want to network and learn more about Cannabis science, business & culture from industry experts.


    Our Duty

    As professionals, we have a duty of care and accountability to our patients and clients that requires us to uphold the highest standards, as we are ultimately the students, and the teachers, essentially living examples of the ancient wisdom and future science at work, as more is discovered, validated and integrated into our individual practices. 


    At the root of all our programming is a central theme that reflects our reverence and love for nature and Mother Earth. The applications for Cannabis in the spa are growing exponentially, and as more states begin to legalize, the consumer demand for Cannabis products and services on beauty and wellness businesses increases, as well. We take pride in delivering the most relevant and needed resources to our members, based on the latest science and research, as well as the sacred traditions of our past.  

    Expert-Led Education

    Elevating Industry Standards & Best Practices

    Product Quality, Safety & Compliance

    Holistic Wellness & Ethnobotany

    • Preserving Cannabis Culture within the Spa Industry
    • Cultivation Training & Resources with Benefit Partners
    • Commitment to Sustainable Practices 
    • Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

    Our Experts

    Our experts include nationally recognized educators, medical professionals and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds, who together form an unprecedented team of support and expertise for the spa industry.   

    Board of Directors

    April McCoy

    Membership & Affiliate Partnerships
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      April spent over twenty years with Sally Beauty/CosmoProf Beauty as Sr. Director of National Accounts for North America.  She developed strategies for chain salon and school partners to improve efficiency and profitability while positively impacting the student and stylist community. She is now working to assist start up and small businesses with their sales and operational strategies. April is currently under contract to a well respected manufacturer of medical quality cannabis tinctures. She is particularly proud of joint efforts that have raised large sums for charitable organizations. April has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In her free time you can usually find her on the back of a horse or traveling the world with a beloved circle of family and friends.

    Wendy May Real, MBA, CSM

    Product Development & Scientific Liaison
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      Meet Wendy May Real, the founder and plant maven behind Pure Bloom. It is her extensive scientific training and knowledge of the cannabis plant which created Pure Bloom’s collection of super-powered cannabinoid complexes, unique delivery systems and highly effective products. Pure Bloom is a culmination of her agricultural upbringing in rural Maine and 25-year professional career in clinical medicine, scientific research and targeted drug development. In addition to earning an MBA, she is also one of the first woman in the country to graduate from the UVM College of Medicine, Cannabis Science and Medicine Program.

    Kimberly Heintzman

    Brand Development & Retail Strategy
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      Los Angeles based Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kimberly has demonstrated various brands and beauty related products in the media for several years. She has extensive experience and enthusiasm for transforming lives through —-skincare——concealing skin discolorations. Kimberly’s compassion for her clients brings a healing element to everyone she touches. Kimberly has also been interviewed on countless news programs and talk shows in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada including; NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and WB and you may have seen her demonstrate cosmetic brands on The Doctor Oz Show, QVC, TSC and HSN. In addition to television appearances, she has also been interviewed by multiple national publications and internet radio shows. All of this incredible experience is a result of Kimberly’s own personal experience of being born with a vascular birthmark

    Nicole Fryer, LMT

    Infused Experiences, Hospitality & Tourism
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      Nicole Fryer, CMT has been a holistic health practitioner for 15 years. She is the owner/operator of the first day spa legally permitted to administer THC rich topicals into massage treatments at Papa and Barkley Social in Eureka, CA with several other similar projects underway throughout the US and Europe. Utilizing her various certifications in massage therapy, holistic health coaching, cannabis consultation and education, as well as her personal training certification she uses a more integrated approach to the treatment and alignment of her clients mind, body and spirit with the use of cannabis, nutrition and healthful practices. With over 2 decades of cannabis experience Nicole has also consulted and collaborated on the cannabis curriculum written for the cannacierge at Papa & Barkley Social, Humboldt County’s first consumption lounge. She has also formulated a massage oil made with live full spectrum terpenes derived from the cannabis plant. Nicole’s passion and purpose is to normalize cannabis through education, transparency and meaningful connection to meet each individual’s needs.

    Dallas Davenport

    Deputy Director
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      Dallas Davenport has worked in the cannabis industry since 2014, where her initial experience was cultivating and maintaining hydroponic cannabis stock as well as cloning and manicuring product. She has a B.S. in Chemistry from Humboldt State University, where she combined her passion for chemistry and cannabis to found CertCan Laboratories, an analytical cannabis testing laboratory, in 2019. Serving as President of the laboratory, Dallas Davenport secured capital for the company, developed and executed business plans, worked alongside engineers to build out the lab as well as developed SOP’s, and was in the process to outfit the laboratory with the proper analytical equipment required to become an ISO 17025 and BCC accredited lab in California. During the pandemic, Dallas Davenport pivoted towards product development and cofounded another company called Certified Brands Group, which is a cannabinoid product-based company that specializes in utilizing rare cannabinoids for their medicinal benefits. She is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of Certified Brands Group, Inc., where she formulates, develops, and designs products for various market segments such as pet care and products, topical pain relief and supplements, skin care and cosmetics, infused foods and beverages, and nutritional foods with both hemp extracts and chemical derivatives. Dallas Davenport is currently attending University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Pharmacy to obtain the nation’s first graduate degree pertaining to medical cannabis. Within this pharmacy degree, Dallas Davenport studies and researches cannabis genomics and genetics, therapeutic applications, cannabinoid chemistry, cannabis culture, cannabis pharmacology, and more. Dallas Davenport serves on the Board of the Cannabis Spa Association, as the Director of Cannabis Science and Technology where she specializes in cannabis education and advocacy, product analytics, cannabis research, and lab testing procedures and standardization within the industry.

    Dr. Jennifer Kovacs, PharmD, RPh

    Cannabis Science & Pharmacology
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      Jennifer Kovacs is a practicing pharmacist that graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale in 2002. Her experience encompasses many aspects of pharmaceutical care including retail management, outpatient rehab/hospital, long term care/hospice and pain management. Her medical purist vision of cannabis allows her to educate other healthcare providers with ease, set positive guidelines and advance awareness for an amazing plant that provides an alternative option to traditional Western Medicine. She works directly with professional sports teams and their athletic trainers using cannabis products and also community education events throughout the year.

    Valorie “Milan” Ludovico

    Founder, Executive Director
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      Milan is a passionate Cannabis activist and educator with over a decade of service to the Cannabis community. Her experiences in Cannabis include political campaigning, community organizing, holistic wellness workshops and agricultural research. Milan has a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Education and a minor in Coaching, from Syracuse University, and work experience in both non-profit and state program management & development.

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Tori Rerick, PharmD

    Dr. Codi Peterson, PharmD

    Cannabis Pharmacist, Educator
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      Codi Peterson is a practicing pharmacist with a passion for cannabis-based medicine. Given his diverse pediatric pharmacy experience and knack for educating, he tries to share his knowledge whenever possible. Building on his experience teaching healthcare professionals about pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, he aims to educate as many as possible about the medicinal potential of cannabis.

    Eviane Ita

    Cannabis Cultivation & Data Research

    Dr. William Courtney

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      Dr. William L. Courtney has an extensive medical education that began with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Michigan. He also received his Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University, and Interned for Residency in Psychiatry at California Pacific Medical Center and went on to earned his Post Doctorate in Forensic Examination and Forensic Medicine. Dr. Courtney is currently a member of American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, the International Cannabinoid Research Society, the International Association of Cannabis as Medicine, and the Society of Clinical Cannabis. Dr. Courtney has also been teaching Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses in clinical cannabis.

      His area of special interest is in the dietary uses of cannabis to achieve 250 to 500 mg of cannabinoid acids, which he considers as a conditionally essential nutrient in the diet of individuals from the 4th decade on. He has presented on high dose non-psychoactive dietary uses at Cannabis Therapeutics in Rhode Island April 2010, the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in June 2010, the Institute for Advanced Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in November 2010, and the International Cannabinoid Research Society conference in Chicago in July 2011.

      Dr. Courtney is Vice President of the Association Luxembourgeoise des Methodes Preventives, an ambulatory care facility in Luxembourg utilizing dietary unheated cannabis. He is working with dispensaries interested in providing high dose raw / juiced cannabis to seriously ill medical marijuana patients, and is also working to establish analytic / medical laboratories in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, California.

    Paul vonHartmann

    Cannabis Scholar, Author & Activist

    Advisory Board Member

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