Expert approval for professional peace of mind

    The spa industry has been inundated with cannabinoid skincare products of all kinds, and consumer demand for integrated services is on the rise. Professionals- like estheticians and massage therapists, need a trusted resource for high quality products they can be confident using on clients.  

    Best practices start with the best products

    The increased demand for Cannabis -infused services introduces a tremendous, niche-market opportunity for CBD beauty and hemp wellness brands, as the spa industry evolves to develop treatment protocols for these products.  Our collection is the only curated marketplace of its kind, offering safe, high- quality skincare, with a focus on the women and BIPOC-owned indi-brands, who often struggle to compete with MSO’s and elite owned brands dominating with enormous marketing budgets. 

    Compliant Cannabis skincare is about more than just formulation

    Cannabis skincare products, including hemp-based, have additional regulatory laws and requirements beyond regular skincare products, that can be daunting to a business owner or professional. Our certification criteria goes beyond just compliant formulation, to  provide peace of mind specifically for spa professionals selling and/or using these products on clients.

    Skincare professionals sell skincare best

    Getting your products into the hands of the beauty and wellness professionals who appreciate and understand the value of safe, high-quality products holds enormous potential for sales that foster life-long customers of your product.

    Our seal means business

    Our certification seal is unlike any other on the current CBD skincare market. Developed by industry exerts, our seal means that a product has met all of our program criteria, offering spa and hospitality retailers a unmatched collection of trusted products to choose from.

    Confidence in cannabis starts here.

    Countless professionals and retailers are seeking the quality assurance to confidently integrate Cannabis products beyond just sales, but into directly into their services. Knowing that skin absorption through topical use is often the most gentle, non-invasive introduction to Cannabis that first-time-experience consumers are willing to try, we realize the importance of this experience being a positive one. 

    Certification Benefits


    Your product will be listed on our Certified Products collection page and throughout our site. 

    DIGITAL CSA certification SEAL

    Proudly display your certified status on your site and use it for marketing.

    Access to our Members

    Network with our members and connect privately in our exclusive Members Lounge. 

    Product Visibility where it counts

    We market across all our platforms to get your product seen by the professionals and retailers who are most seeking you. 


    We only market your certified product(s) and send all the sales directly to you. We do not ask for any commissions or require any sales reports. 


    Enjoy all the benefits of our professional membership, PLUS a FREE Business Listing in our Cannabis Spa Business Directory!

    Product REVIEW

    Our marketing templates make it easy for you to share  product reviews from our members.

    Additional Benefits for Brand Founders

    Founding Members of brands who have 1 or more Certified Products, also receive:
    • One post per product on all our platforms 
    • One story post per week on all our platforms
    • A featured episode on our Podcast
    • One featured article in our Blog
    • Banner Ad for 1 Year on our site

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      Cannabis Spa Association reaches a wide array of  professionals from the beauty and wellness industries, including massage therapists, estheticians, dermatologists, yoga instructors, chiropractors, spa business owners and many more. The Cannabis spa industry is an exponentially growing market sector with a desperate need for quality standards. Our exclusive Certified Products Program for Cannabis Hemp-based skincare, offers an unprecedented platform for marketing your product to the professionals who are seeking them the most. 

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