Glow Getter Beauty Serum

Radiate from the inside out — bright, deeply-hydrated skin nourished with the ultimate beauty serum for cell renewal and a gorgeous glow. This high-performing, full-spectrum oil is crafted with 650 mg CBD and 20 supercharged botanicals designed for maximum skin nutrition.


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Key Botanicals: CERTIFIED ORGANIC CBD, CBG +TERPENE COMPLEX Whole plant extract enhanced by special technology to significantly improve absorption and effectiveness. Immediately eliminating redness, balancing skin and restoring an illuminating glow. ORGANIC MACADAMIA NUT & SWEET ALMOND OIL Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic & highly concentrated with powerful antioxidants including squalene, essential fatty acids and beneficial phytonutrients clincially proven to be ultra-hydrating and promote smoother skin. ORGANIC ROSEMARY OIL Potent phytoceramide known to improve microcirculation and increase cell renewal.
Day + Night Use After cleansing, 4-6 drops into palm of your hands Rub your palms together to activate CBD + botanicals Bring palms to nose and take several deep, relaxing breaths Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté. For external use only. BENEFITS Improves cellular skin hydration Boosts skin’s own antioxidant levels & collagen production Soothes redness and restores a gorgeous natural glow Increases cell renewal to diminish uneven skin tone & improve texture Regulates oil production & naturally balances skin pH to reduce breakouts